Thanks to the use of the latest generation twin-engine aircraft, low-cost private flight has become a reality.

The air taxi service is offered on an economical and functional airplane, with the aim of allowing anyone to take advantage of this exceptional and comfortable service and certainly to contain costs without giving up the most precious resource: their own time.

For routes up to 600 kilometers, the flight time of the modern light twin-engine Diamond DA42 Twin Star compared to a luxury business jet is barely noticeable, but the economic benefits deriving from choosing an aircraft suitable for the distance to be traveled are definitely appreciable.

Technical data

Model: Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Seats: Pilot + 3 passengers + large luggage compartment

Propulsion: 2 engines Centurion 2.0 turbodiesel da 135 hp


Maximum operating level: 18.000 ft (5.500 m)

Cruise speed: 150 nodi (280 km/h)

Autonomy: 970 NM (1.800 km)

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a twin-engine four-seater with piston engines produced by the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries.

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is certified for night flight, instrument flight and flight in icy conditions. The aircraft is built in reinforced carbon fiber (CFRP) and is equipped with the latest generation Garmin 1000 digital avionics.

Example of round trip routes within the day:

the cost does NOT include the luxury tax, to be added € 100 per passenger each way

Padova – Lugano:

Flight time: 1:05 

Price: € 1.980

Padova – Pola: 

Flight time: 0:45 

Price: € 1.450

Padova – Ljubljana: 

Flight time: 1:05 

Price: € 1.760

Padova – Spalato: 

Flight time: 1:40 

Price: € 2.520

Padova – Portoroz: 

Flight time: 0:45 

Price: € 1.320