Cargo and passengers

The main activity of the ZarAvio Company is the organization of commercial flights on cargo and passenger aircraft.

Safety, reliability and punctuality is what we strive to provide to our customers looking for a solution for the transport of any type of goods or the organization of charter flights, taking into account economic efficiency. Our employees will offer you the most optimal route and type of aircraft based on the nature of the load and its weight and size characteristics. Also considering the number of passengers.

In our fleet of aircrafts we have (Let 410T and Saab340) equipped with standard on-board handling equipment allows for loading and unloading operations without using special ground handling equipment for the airport. This allows for flights to airports where there are no ground handling equipment or equipment not intended for loading and unloading small cargo.

Per determinare la possibilità di trasportare la tua merce sugli aeromobili della ZarAvio Company e per calcolare il costo del trasporto, invia una richiesta a e-mail: o chiama il numero +39 371 1768970

Passenger air transport.

Business people and their professional environment, due to the special value of time, do not have the opportunity to adapt to regular flights, so they choose corporate charter flights. The program of these people is built months in advance and only the use of a special organization card allows them to carry out the scheduled meetings and business. Each company is committed to increasing its efficiency and the ZarAvio company is happy to help you with this.

Air transport of live animals

ZarAvio company has extensive experience in the transport of various live animals. At different times, our plane was carrying circus animals, sport horses, camels, dolphins, goats.

Air transport of small goods.

The technical characteristics of the aircraft we operate allow us to organize the loading / unloading and transport of small goods and equipment, pipes of various diameters, mechanical engineering products, energy, engineering and telecommunication equipment, equipment for l construction, drilling rigs, equipment for oil and gas companies, components, etc.

Urgent air transport abroad - is a difficult task for any company. Our company is able to solve any task just in time, without reducing the level of service quality.

Air passenger transport is very popular with many organizations. The purpose of such trips is to visit:

  • seminars;
  • international conferences;
  • forum;
  • advanced courses;
  • corporate entertainment events .

You can book a plane from the fleet for any number of seats for an organized group or just for a large number of participants. At the same time, you will not meet strangers on board the aircraft and the discussion of confidential information will not be under the risk of loss.

Our range of services includes the air transport of tourists abroad. With a charter you can organize an unusual itinerary with a high level of comfort and service!