The company "Zaravio" carries out the transport of animals by air. All the necessary conditions for the safety of the animals are provided, the customer receives reliable guarantees and the insurance is issued.

Such services are often requested by representatives of farms, private entrepreneurs who buy or sell farm animals. It is not always possible to find a suitable option in your region. Therefore, it may need to be transported by air.

Characteristics of the transport of small ruminants.

The sender must carry veterinary passports on all animals. It is important that they are healthy, have the necessary vaccinations, otherwise they will simply not be allowed even at the airport. If we talk about commercial activities, it is necessary to take documents confirming ownership. Without the appropriate documents, transportation is impossible.

For example: requirements for the delivery of goats by air.

- If the flight is long, it is important to respect the conditions of detention during the flight. In particular, the transport of sheep and other small animals takes into account the quality of ventilation, the availability of sufficient light, temperature and humidity levels.

- Before departure, it is recommended that you spend a month in quarantine. This is usually enough to detect infections and diseases. After that, you can go to the vet check. There you will be told how to carry the goat, what you can and cannot feed it before the flight, how much water to give, etc.

By contacting a representative of our company, you will receive comprehensive information on how to ship a goat or how sheep are transported according to current legislation. 

Due to agreements with air carriers, our customers receive advantageous conditions and better prices. The details will be communicated to you by telephone or during a personal meeting with our specialists. We are always ready for cooperation and are confident that we can become a reliable partner in solving any logistical problems! Call +39 (371) 176-89-70 or fill out a question on the site.

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